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Disk Controls pack latest

Disk Controls is set of 21+ components that can make your life...

Disk Controls is set of 21+ components that can make your life much easier if you developing software that works with disks (Hard / Floppy / CD / RAM / Network), shell and file system.

The DiskControls pack contains:Two advanced search engines, which will find any file or folder by specified criterias (DiskScanner and MultiDiskScanner components);The FolderListView component which let`s you to display filtered contents of any directory and looks and feels like Windows Explorer.

Supports big number of features such like automatical sorting of the list items with arrow-style sort mark on the header section, individual context menus for every shell object, possibility to hide or show some list columns, automatic drag`n`drop support via OLE and so on.

The FolderMonitor, which will check your folders for any changes;The VirtualDrives engine, which can define, redefine or delete the virtual drives from the file system;Several components that provide you with detailed information about any shell objects (files, folders or drives), can retrieve the version information from executable files and dynamic-link libraries;Component which can install or uninstall new file types into the shell (dcFileAssociation);Component which performs the operations with files and folders on shell level (dcFileOperations);Several advanced edit controls and dialogs for browsing and selecting the files and folders;much more.